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Eugecus Forum Rules


  1. Don't spam or flame any threads, doing it will get you a warning point.
  2. Don't post on reports or appeals if you are not involved, only post in them when you have something constructive to say or has evidences that can contribute to the case.
  3. No absurdly large or inappropriate signatures, signatures which are too large or is inappropriate will be shrunk or removed.
  4. Don't do backseat moderating, only Moderators or Administrators are allowed to resolve and close cases.
  5. As a Moderator or Administrator (depending who) , don't resolve, close or delete your own appeals. You can still answer and explain yourself.
  6. Copying anything from these forums, such as Rules, templates and Guidelines will result in a harsh ban.
  7. Always use the template on reports/appeals/bugs or anything that requires a template.
  8. Don't advertise any other server or gaming community.
  9. Don't post porn or any other inappropriate, offensive or homophobic content.
  10. Respect all Members, Moderators, Premium, Forum Helper, Off-duty staff and Administrators.
  11. Don't create random useless topics, use the off-topic section for that.
  12. Don't duplicate or spam any topic, you'll get a warning point.
  13. Don't bump any dead topics or warning points will be issued if you do. A topic is considered "dead" after 5 days of no reply.
  14. Posting "bump", "null" or such will be considered a random post and a warning point will be issued.
  15. You may earn the title Forum Helper it entitles you into helping a specific section of the forum, appeals and reports, but the title is rarely given out.
  16. A Forum Helper banned for abuse on forums will get his title suspended indefinitely, how long is up to the Administrators.
  17. Please don't post applications for staff around on the forums, if an application window opens, a thread will be made specifically for it.
  18. You may not replicate anything made/used on this forum and/or game servers, the entirety of what is contained and owned by Eugecus may not be used in any form outside of the community. Any breakage of this rule will result in complete removal from the community.
  19. We're not a hacking/cheating community, don't post any content related to these.
  20. Any account that signs up on the forums just to take advantage of giveaways, etc. Will be banned without any warning.
  21. Any account being suspected "Reputation boosting" will have their reputation set back to 0, no warnings. (This includes using an 'alt' account to give yourself reputation and having others give you reputation for no reason)
  22. Do not talk about discounts you got or it is a instant ban

Forum Rules will be updated according to the loopholes found.

Lookez: Idea of making forum rules | Contributing to Forum rules
trollingwarfare: To make himself look less lazy | Claiming copyright of contents

Disabled Angel: Added 16 and 17 in.

CookieMaster: Added 18 and 19 in.

Alpha: Added 20 in.



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