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  1. Curious to see if I even get a response to this, for some reason I thought of this server, and was excited to see what has happened to it. So, I guess it's dead? Can I get an official confirmation?
  2. I had to log back in to tell you you absolutely need to make it that. Code Lyoko was the best show ever Here is mine. http://imgur.com/X4H5F9p See you next year.
  3. Well that's the thing though- I am not leaving because Alpha lost his rank, and I won't return because he got it back. That's how the government solves problems, like a child. I'm leaving primarily because I no longer have a primary use in this community- I simply exist. I can check the forums as much as I want, but nothing relates to what I joined for. It's all DarkRP and money. I'm not coming back "at the request of the community". I'll come back if or when there is a community I fit into.
  4. Well here I am again, looking down upon the vast community that has grown ever so slightly since I first joined nearly 3 years ago. However, that community has grown in some places, and disappeared in others. All of you know what I am referring to. When I left the first time way back in the summer of 2014, TTT was already declining, all of my very close friends that used to be very prominent community members left. I left the day Trollingwarfare left because he was last person I looked up to and respected. Trolling and Lookez used to be the only two Forum Admins, and both of them were extremely mature individuals who through and through earned their roles as leaders in the community. Neither of them were on TTT often, but I greatly respected them. Now around me I see even more people buying ranks, more people buying their way back into the community unjustly, and way too many forum admins. Now before you crucify me, allow me to explain. Some of you earned your position, some of you bought your way there. My issue with this is simple, there should be none of this. There should be two forum admins, to pick up where one may leave off, and to keep each other in check. However, there's four or five of you now. To be honest, there's too much deception and trickery in place between all of you. Very rarely do you work together. I don't understand why a red banner is so important either. So what if you get put back to a member rank? I've never bough a rank, I think the extent my power in this community goes is my what I think is admin. If you take that away, I won't complain, because it's a fucking rank, not my lifestyle, not my thoughts. It's a rank. Go to any post, and scroll down, and look for how many people in this community are labeled member. I believe the answer is maybe three or four. This community relies upon the people who have a rank, nothing more. People stay because they paid for a rank and don't want to lose it. Everyone else either plays for five minutes and leaves, or never appear on the forums. Now to TTT. There's no point anymore in even giving the damned thing a defibrillator shock anymore. All of you are busy playing DarkRP, which I understand. None of you joined for the TTT, you're here for the DarkRP first, and TTT fifth. I have no issue with this. It's the fact that TTT is reliant upon the five or six or seven people (who all have ranks) to start a game. Those last for maybe a half hour and then everyone's off to DarkRP. I feel alienated, like my sheer presence is opaque. No one cares if I stay or leave, because I'm not a huge part of your community, I'm a part of my once-thriving community that's all but gone. I can't place my opinion on a DarkRP post, I played it for maybe three months and then realized how childish the place was. If you notice, I've only posted on shitposts, welcomes, and on TTT's section to get shit fixed. I no longer have a place in the community. By coming back in the end of December, I believed I could maybe get it back going again, with new regulars and a strong following. I was wrong. I very much wanted to make a TTT map for the few that play, but now I realize I'd be sinking time in for no one to play it, and for no reward of any kind. I'm much better off making a map and putting it up for the rest of the TTT communities that care. And Cold, I want to thank you for your work. If anyone here fully deserves to be a forum admin, that my friend is you. You were the first new person I met when I returned, and you helped make TTT playable. Now because they don't want to give you a place of power, you too have been taken away from TTT. You consistently help people to the best of your ability, and I wish you the best of luck on your journey through the jungle. And Alpha, thank you for helping out as well. You also gave me my admin rank in TTT, which although small, meant quite a bit to me. I appreciate your help as well If you ever want to play TTT, sure, go ahead and invite me, I'll hop on and play with you. However, I'm not going to push to get anything fixed, or put my opinion where aparently none of you want it. Just remember, a house divided cannot stand. -Wavestormed
  5. This is my favorite song. I present it to you. I hope you enjoy it.
  6. Happy birthday.Thanks for continually pushing me to keep mapmaking, your shit keeps me going.
  7. I thought someone said that the forums started back in 2012, someone said there used to be a really stupid background picture. But if this is true, fuck me, I joined like 2 months after the damned thing started.
  8. Maybe they'll find Putin's soul in there somewhere.
  9. Welcome to the forums. Cold beat me to it, point is, try TTT sometime, we have a lot of fun when there's people on.
  10. When do we get useful topics.
  11. あれわなんですか?!
  12. Welcome back. TTT is still a barren desert.
  13. If I could dance I sure as fuck would. But I cannot so I do not.
  14. Welcome Fubar. It seems you're a DarkRP man, but I will encourage you to try our TTT server out when it isn't a barren landscape (Once in a blue moon) We have lots of fun over there when we're all on.
  15. I still think it's a great idea but the entire premise will never be used.