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  1. ya i was kidnaped a bunch for no reason and they left me in there for more than 30 minutes so i just afked and came back to a screen that said i was banned for 120 minutes for afk in sit and failrp
  2. im eagle add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/dingdongcake
  3. yea i have some yw
  4. we can use water for rocket fuel so it could be a refueling station if we ever get there
  5. overwatch got banned and kamman didnt come back idk about the rest
  6. ya i was there to and he spawned grenades and flash grenades i have no proof but i was tere
  7. these crashes have happened a while before meth was added. Â its random
  8. they're not dude, it randomly crashed and its been happening for a long timeÂ
  9. server literally can't stay up for a whole 20 minutes without crashing randomly.  right when i begin building a base it just crashes and there's no reason to it. Â
  10. Hi

  11. hello! (sorry for bad english)
  12. why does the server just randomly crash  is there anyway to fix itÂ
  13. Hi

  14. new jobs would be cool +support