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  1. Hi, I would like to report an admin abuse in the server EugecusRoleplay|Custom|Fiendly| to the use Gummy Bear ( steam ID: STEAM_0:0:88308050).  So, I was in my little gun store when this guy came to raid as a Gangster, so I had to defend my store, right?. I succesfully defended it and he got mad and said I was cheating, I asked "in what way I was cheating?", he replied " u had a shotgun" .-. "and?" I said. "u self supplied..." ( When I started playing that day early in the morning, I became a gangster and bought some gun shipments to another gun dealer, I hid them in my base and when I became a gun dealer later that day, I grabed the rest of shoutguns that were left). Now here comes the abbuseing part: he came back (Broke NLR), He nocliped inside and called RAID once inside and shot me!!!. this Wouldn't have caused a problem if I didn´t have 40 Mac's for a deal I was doing: "For every shipment u buy, you recieve a mac totally free!!!!  Hope u do something about him, maybe ban him a month or demote him....   XxGalacticPenguinStormxX :D Â