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  1. Nice closing skills
  2. Seriously, just stop. I don't need to do the long ass paragraph thing. just another one of his "friends" from his "varsity football team". This "Rory Harris" account's only history of rep is giving it to REDS. This is the third time REDS has been caught rep boosting. Seriously the fuckboi has to stop. heres the link to the other thread where REDS got caught Sure, Rory only gave him +5 rep, but chances are REDS was gonna get some more "friends" to +Rep him and eventually it all adds up to a ton. @REDS it's time to stop.
  3. Wel luckily, I'm gonna be calling one out tomorrow for being a rep boosting fuckboi.
  4. >4 posts how many paid mods do we have?
  5. ayyyyyy it's cha boi overwatch
  6. @LonelyWolf Where that verdict at tho?
  7. fuck man I can't make anymore sex jokes about my rep
  8. You just described 1/2 of all reports made. Also, don't forget that they put the reports in the TTT section too when it's supposed to be DarkRP
  9. BOTH of his friends are giving him shit-tons of rep. I assure you it's just full blown rep-boosting.
  10. Curt is confirmed to be REDS' friends. So REDS is basically asking his friends BLUES and Curt to rep boost him, which should probably stop. So @REDS you wanna try again for the second time, bud?
  11. Just remember me as the guy who started the face reveal movement.
  12. It's obviously rep boosting now. I'm just waiting for LonelyWolf to make his verdict.
  13. Drama. You gotta love the drama here.
  14. It is really really really hard to leave a community like Eugecus.
  15. Here's the thread bb: