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  1. So is anyone on the server right now?
  2. Forget this whole "rep" thing im not going to let it bother me. requesting close
  3. Ok, im back starting fresh so Putin changed my rep to 0 want me to just ask him again or are you going to do the right thing and remove the -50?
  4. Well it was a misunderstanding I paid putin 25$ for my unban and I asked reds if I can fly as a citizen he said 25$ I said I pod Putin 25$ today then he asked for my recipes number and shitband said I have perm to fly I was like ok turns it was a big misunderstanding
  5. I appreciate your honesty @Alpha, but I'll prove you wrong eventually.
  6. Thanks for the chance @~Omega, I won't let you down bud.
  7. Bender, I understand the hate btwn me if u wanna argue do it on pm not really a good warm welcome back I'm kinda sad now :(. Anyways yessir I'm Dynasty!! And I'm here to show people wrong for what they believe I will do the same since I'm back again, anyways thanks for the welcome back I appreciate it.
  8. Hello John.
  9. Ok, yeah pk is bad but the higher admins and other staff might want to have a war in the admin area. Another reason if we took that away we would have so many admins not doing shit because it would only be rdm issues, our main issue on server is the prop kill and I'm not saying it's ok but I'm sayin if we got rid of it the server would be like All Quiet On The Western Front!
  10. Yes more money. +support
  11. Happy Bday
  12. Hey cookie.
  13. lol
  14. lemme see a picture.
  15. What kind of dog do you have @mendeez51091