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  1. i love how i even try to be mature and still foxorio has to pull that he's french no thta's not it he's lonely's fucking lapdog thats it..Yeah it is so when i try to appeal i still get denied for what fox said in my previous appeal so if i cant try to be mature here then this server sucks ass so if this is how im going to be the little toxic shit you all call me out ass
  2. i feel i might regret posting this video
  3. Your name: (Joseph Bertchtold,Unknown) Your ban length: (Indefinitely) Your Steam ID: (STEAM_0:0:52955685) Banned by: (Problem Solver Or Foxorio) Server name: (Eugecus Custom Friendly) Reason: (Unbanning The Headadmin Gamerwolf For False reasons and without a master's permission) Involved: (Problem Solver,Myself,Gamerwolf) Why we should unban you: (I unbanned gamerwolf because he was my friend and he gave me pretty convinceing reasons why i should unban him so i went for it.Then im told by problem solver that he was banning admins and i ask a master++ or master to check and see he says "yep he did it" i say omfg. then im chewing out GamerWolf for getting me banned and how i spent my money on a admin that bearly lasted 3 months so i request to speak to anyone but Lonelywolf due to the baiting/trolling he's been giving me so i request any but him thank you for your time-Alexi)
  4. i love how you bait for people to shit talk you when you shit talk them but they get in trouble and your fine so kindly fuck off you french miss spelling cock sucking fuckwad go die in a hole where the explosion in France went off
  5. i know that now
  6. well i found out that Gamerwolf lied to me about his ban Â
  7. i returned because i was bored for the three months and couldnt do anything
  8. Your name:Â (Ballgruff and Dont remember) Your ban length:Â (permanent) Your Steam ID:Â (STEAM_0:0:52955685) Banned by:Â (Foxorio) Server name:Â (Non-Wiremod) Reason:Â (Unbanning Gamer wolf Without permission) Involved: (Problem Solver,GamerWolf,Foxorio) Why we should unban you:Â (I would like to be unbanned and get my rank back because i feel that its been 4months and i have matured read over the rules and i understand the rules and all now it was my fault and all yea but i feel i payed 25$ for a rank and i enjoyed my friends and peers around me and i would like to enjoy that again if you can forgive me and i can get my rank back please do so ) Â
  9. ok can someone take care of this guy?
  10. STEAM_0:0:52955685 :P
  11. why would i come back if i cant play the server :/?
  12. you got to hand it to him he did hop on today :l
  13. Im leaving EG permanently Due to 2 reasons 1:My Ban 2:No body seems to care much for me so i will be leaving and i bid everyone a good day but i will hop on every once and a while People Who I Will Miss No one cause you all hate me but there is one person To Be honest I will kinda miss Foxorio but anyway farewell to everyone that actually cared for me and maybe those who dont
  14. why do you act like a badass you can barely speak english
  15. i request another chance because i wanted to be a friend for Gamer But i guess trying to be nice to a friend is making a shit fest on the fourms but i request another chance please im sure you would do the same thing if you were me i told him to appeal then he asked raider then eagleeye117 even though he's not even a admin may i have another chance?