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  1. I've been trying to poke at it all night that he shouldn't be trusted... He tried to sell me his alt steam account way back and claimed it would be unbanned soon, turns out he scammed 3 Knives on it. Hope you enjoyed your 25$ Kamman, Wubin, Dynasty,, or whatever the hell you want to be called
  2. Here's a post with some logic. If you have someone that's working an unban appeal, keep it unbiased. Oh my god, look at that, i just performed a magic trick and solved the issue everyone is having. Keep it unbiased if you're working on it, give a reason for the decision made, and if you can't manage to keep it unbiased, let someone else handle it.
  3. Fourth chance now? What the fuck is this. From this logic, I can go do a takeover and say "Hey Putin, 20$ You forget everything that happened." And that's still not the reason I'm talking about.
  4. I never created an argument, I just called it out letting everyone know there is complete bullshit at play here. It is their decision to decide what to do with the information, if they hate you, so be it, everyone has a grudge with at least one person.
  5. And for you few people who do know what the real reason is, I am very clearly aware of the true reasoning behind this.
  6. Honestly, I disagree with him being here. I also don't like the fact that you clearly didn't state his real reason here. As my investigation of him show's very, very high probability that, may be a part, but it's not a third chance at all... Sadly I can't disclose the information to many people at all. Just wanted everyone to know that piece. Something else I want anyone who knew about him previously, next time you bring a player who is blacklisted back onto the server, make sure that their names aren't something they used in the past. I spotted him literally on day 1 because he was going under the steam name "Dynasty" And recognized his picture too. Question for anyone who knows, if this is his third time back, why was he originally banned? And also, if this is his third time back, how the fuck did he managed to get himself banned again, and how long ago was it? Final Question, does this mean if I go fuck around on the server, find a way to get myself banned, and come you you FAdmins proposing the same case of a bribe that he did, it will just be "Oh Sure Bender, welcome back, we enjoy the bribe."
  7. Last time you tried to add me to a group, it was a group for furries, and I'm saying that not like the people there were as insult. I'm saying literally, it was about furry stuff. So I'm going to just sit down and sit back on this one.
  8. -Support I was staff in another community, the owner of that community and myself did some testing with TDM Cars. These test lead us to the knowledge now that TDM Cars take the frame rate of servers from over 200 to below 40 in seconds of spawning them in.
  9. CSGO, MGE
  10. Your name: Kritical & Bender Your ban length: Permanent, Blacklisted Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:30998367 Banned by: Ani Reason: Takeover, I raged over 3 Admins constantly disrespecting and nothing being done. Maddie, Computer Guy and Panda(Something, Don't remember full name) Involved: Me, Ani, Anyone Banned by me in that time Why we should unban you: Many of you will remember, some of you will not remember me or even possibly not of heard of me. Those who know me, know that I had a certain reputation which had many different views. Those who fell under my reputation, thus how I got it, probably had a hate for me, those who didn't probably enjoyed my company and saw me as a very useful admin who did the job. My reputation that wasn't even very big, just one of the things I was known for was I cracked down on admins who I felt abused their powers or failed to be an asset to the server in anyway. I want to come back and get a feel for the server again, I miss a couple of people honestly. Krawn, Cookie, Hypno, Incorrect and a few others, sorry if I left you out. +Support: CookieMaster, Lonelywolf, Avenger, Incorrect (Electrifried) Anyone who seriously remembers me, feel free to express your opinion below. Not sure if you're still Around, Krawn and Fox, Please don't go grammar nazi on me.
  11. Like seriously dude, just block him, he is just giving you shit to scare you. I know all about Kamman and his life because I have become closer with him, he might be able to get your address, but he can't send a hitman.
  12. I think no one here really knows who you are, I only saw you on in game like twice before I got banned.
  13. Really, scam a scammer, you know that put's you on his level, and it even puts you on a lower lever that you are banned trying to get someone banned. The last person I heard say "I scammed the scammer" ended up having a network of alts and hundreds of scams on those accounts, how about we do this simple, now you're a scammer too. And do you not look around here, it's said all over this post I did a takeover, it was already reversed within the matter of minutes. Many people have already came to me and talked to me on steam or if not here and said they get why I did it, I snapped like a pretzel, I didn't go out of my way to possibly cause a hell of a lot of harm to the server by unbanning a blacklisted user who has been known to do not just 1, but multiple counts of doing takeovers and being associated with the server being DDOSed for months, you did some shit a whole level up from me.  Something else I find absolutely pathetic, ChewGZ goes on my profile to comment "-Rep Scammed me and stole all my shit" Real mature going on someones profile and giving them false rep, I doubt you're even legit with your "Steam Cash Cards" If you're really looking for a knife and not going to scam, how about you go on steam, use those cards, and buy a fucking knife with the cash.
  14. You can't just accuse somebody of something without providing a reason, you say I was Immature and a Fuck Boy, I have no idea how, same with a lot of others.
  15. Can you give me a couple of these experiences, I know who you are, but I was rarely immature and never a fuck boy.