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  1. Sup

    Be careful, incorrect. You're staring into the void.
  2. I thought we were still in 1.7.8? When did we get an update?
  3. Would you really deny an account called "Grmreaps is a smelly fag"?
  4. A-hah! TTT was the original, mother fuckers!
  5. Listen here you pathetic little shit monger. I could not give fewer damns about how long your post is. I judge things based on their content, which is why I find you such a despicable peice of trash. You need to shut the fuck up for once in your miserable little life and listen while the big kids are talking. My "feeble little mind" is one that outwits yours with considerable ease, you filthy whore. I have a specific hatred for liars and fools, and you fill both categories. Get outside, see the world, do something real you idiotic ass hole. Or just sit at your computer and take out your frustration on people you've never seen before, see what I fucking care. You could kill yourself, and no one would know. No one would fucking care, either. In fact, that is the path I advise you take. You should just fucking end your pathetic little life. Now get out of my sight, you stupid peice of shit. Sincerely, Grmreaps P.S. We've met, I just go by different names.
  6. If I get 5 warning points, I'll make an account named "Grmreaps is a smelly fag", come back, and call myself a smelly fag.
  7. Is true. Warning points ain't gonna stop us from posting everywhere.
  8. Then fucking fix it.
  9. You prop-kill and admit to it. That's enough reason to hate you in my opinion.
  10. Boy, you need an editor. I volunteer?
  11. Did someone dick him?
  12. Did you write this?
  13. I would like recommendations on good books I should read. But, I'll take your advice somewhat. This will be the last time I ever address you directly. From now on, you don't exist. Good day. Anyway, any of you got advice for some good books?
  14. Krawn doesn't require you to defend him, you self-righteous asshole. He very clearly demonstrated that by handling the situation by himself. You don't need to do jack-shit, so back off with your white knight attitude. I very clearly am trying to get over this situation, but you won't fucking let it go. Just stand the fuck down and let's move on to other topics, shall we?