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  1. Thank you! Mind you the lawyer fees would be a couple thousand unless you know someone who is a lawyer, and considering you would be sueing on behalf of a group of people, taking a percent of the winnings. It would make a sisable amount off the case.
  2. PPS Adding legal references for all those who will inevitably say it inst illegal.
  3. GENERAL I was told that the forums got fixed and I figured I should get this out there even though most of you already know it. This community is fucking shit. It is filled with so much corruption. The little fucking kids paying for admin and then abusing their powers, I cant stand it anymore. Let alone getting along with the other staff (forum staff). This is not a real community, I currently work for a "real" community and the staff are not even close to as shit as EGs (talking about forum staff not paidmins) This entire community is a cash scam made by Putin. I have no idea his reasons like if he needs the money but it is still bad either way. It is infact borderline illegal, and I can easily spot multiple instances that would result in Putin getting sued but the kids dont know better. THE STAFF (forums only) While I dislike most of you and find you so far up your own asses that you couldnt hear a horn next to your head, I still respect and/or am friends with a few of you. The staff team and how it works here is horrendous. It is nowhere near what a community's uper staff should act like and the petty rivilery and hierarchy that was established is pathetic. Here are a few of you that I respect and/or am friends with. Lonelywolf, an insanely talented coder who is a good friend. KrawnisKing, a great fmod and someone I respect who got me into gmod and EG in general CookieMaster, a crazy good fmod who should have fadmin rn he dosnt Tomm, while I used to think him leaving was immature, I now see why he did it. Krav, great guy who truly did so much for this community, once again I see why he left. (if your not on this list but know we are friends, I just didnt feel like typing it out so too bad) PUTIN Putin, where do I even start? The fact that this operation is illegal, the lack of interest in making your community work, the blatant lack of caring for your staff in general? All of these things ruin this community and it should be closed down and removed from Gmod and any other games it affiliates with. In concussion, this is a rant that hopefully some of you agree with me on. PS Dont be a hoe and ban me or remove this, it would just further prove my point.
  4. LMAO
  5. I hate everyone tho
  6. FnS clearly states its a group primarily aimed at furries, this group 95% of the people in it are not furries but w/e
  7. Approved by Lonely considering it is non-profit nor stealing members as we play on the EG servers.
  8. Hey guys I got really bored and wanted to make a gaming group to bring people together. So myself and a few friends decided to make Revival Gaming. It is extremely laid back clan meaning you dont need clan tags or have a time commitment to the group. If you want to join simply add me on steam (leave a comment on my profile) or leave a comment here with your steam page. Note the clan does still have ranking with officers and what not but nothing where you need to call them "sir" they are just moderators and help decide when people should be promoted. The clan will be playing pretty much any game on the steam market. I am still currently looking for low ranking officers to fill the remaining open spots. if you are interested let me know (you must not have a past that makes you untrustworthy as it is in essence moderator) Steam group here: Lonely said this was fine as it is a non-profit group and we host no servers of our own. We simply encourage people to play together and make new friends.
  9. We are well aware of the PK on the server. However considering how this is not a serious RP server removing PK would much lessen the traffic and in all honesty piss off most of the community. We know this because we have tried it in the past and immediately got people complaining about it. Moved to suggestions. Denied, Closed.
  10. Nice alt Oliver. Closed.
  11. Happy Birthday.
  12. Welcome back kamman. Please everyone know that one of his terms of him coming back is he is unable to obtain any forum staff position or purchase ranks on the server without a fadmin approving of it. While we do believe in second chances here at EG I do feel that giving a 3rd chance is pushing it. However, it remains to be seen if you have truly changed.
  13. Upload the videos to YouTube and link the videos here.
  14. Trojan will be banned for 1 week from the forums for repeatedly post grinding. Closed.
  15. Rule will be made when I get home to lay out what you can and can not do with "sit" Also lonely will be adding some scripts to prevent people from sitting on some things like keypads. Closed.