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  1. bye

    Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:61867056  Your In-game Name: Cerealpizza  Abusers Steam Name: Cerealpizza  Abusers Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:61867056  Evidence of Abuse: myself  Server of Incident: c|f  Other Information: I kill a player with a weapon for attempting to propkill me, he then says he knows an owner and i'm going to get banned. Owner gets on and bans me permanently with false reason (RDMing roleplayers) when I killed one while I was rping as well. I don't want to be apart of this community if that's how you handle things. Now giving you an actual reason to permanently ban me. I faked receipts from mod to co-owner. 8 bucks for co-owner. How? You guys are 15 and retarded weaboos/furries (not all of you just the majority) but thanks for all the fun to the admins that knew how to have fun and do their job on the server as well. cy@
  2. $$$

    Your name: Cerealpizza Your ban length: 2 weeks -> permanently Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:61867056 Banned by: Tj Server name: c|f Reason: RDMing a user Involved: Tj, Zorky Why we should unban you:I was banned for shooting a citizen who had attempted to propkill. I killed him and he said "my friend knows tj and you're getting banned", then Tj hopped on and banned me for 2 weeks then changed it to permanent. Maybe I shouldn't have killed the person but he did throw a prop at me several times.
  3. i hate furries
  4. wat
  5. get a job fgt
  6. Ur voice is very similar to wilkysuns. Illuminati that bitch
  7. Eat my ass
  8. "report people for dumb shit" Aka breaking the rules, you should stop now
  9. wow ur uglee
  10. yes

  11. yes

    It's so funny because I see masters/owners and forum mods/helpers on roofs as citizens. Guess I'll start taking screen shots. So fucking come on to that
  12. yes

    Your name:Cerealplaza Your ban length: Week Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:61867056 Banned by: asterisk ian asterisk Server name: c|f Reason: no clipping onto a roof as citizen (no one else ever does this right?) Involved: asterisk ian asterisk Why we should unban you: I literally noclipped onto a roof to see what another admin was doing with some props, ian changes me to head admin when I don't want to be recognized as on duty and I change back to citizen, he then proceeds to ban me for a week
  13. I have DayZ but no one to play with wat do
  14. Normally confronting someone before you ban them is more efficient, Ian takes things a little too seriously for someone who doesn't even play c|f often
  15. Is this the type of humor weaboos are into?