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  1. If only we had a good Fmod who could teach the others... Ban should be decreased. A week is too long a punishment for no-clipping while off-duty.
  2. Obviously there is a story behind every appeal, whether it be from a trusted member or paid fmod. We can go a lot deeper into this situation and John can explain why he no clipped while off-duty, or we can decrease his ban as he has been a member of this community longer than I have.
  3. Honestly, this does seem like a problem. I understand that we are starting to enforce admins to be on-duty to no-clip, but John is trusted. Paid Fmods should NOT have the ability to instantly ban admins before they are trusted. Sure, let them pay to be a high rank so they can screw around without punishment, but if they ban trusted admins for small reasons (especially a week ban for something so small) then this needs to change. I suggest John's ban is either nullified or decreased. Edit: Lonely, you should talk to me if you want my opinion personally.
  4. How about instead of being immature and flaming on his introduction, and now trying to reason with me, you just stop typing and "edit the bad ass montage." Then, you can post it in the correct section. This is the introduction section of the forums, and no one cares about your "bad ass montage." So far, seems like Eagle Eye has more of my respect than you. Now, I know you will want to reply to this, but do yourself a favor, don't. Hope your day gets better, pal. Remember, this is just a game.
  5. Hope your mom gets better. If you do leave, I wish you the best.
  6. Sounds like you are having a bad day. How about you go chill out so you don't regret saying anything. Don't post hateful shit on people's introduction page. Thanks bud. Also, welcome to the forums, Eagle.
  7. No need to make the server take more time to join. Deal with the cars the server currently holds, or start walking. -Support
  8. "Latest Member: Stupid_Nacho" Definitely a cult.
  9. Why make this thread and get excited about Christmas? You always get coal, and that's never going to change.
  10. Have you even seen Japanese commercials? Almost all of the commercials will make you cringe.
  11. You're the only one. Don't worry though, that makes me love you even more.
  12. Thanks, I guess? Yeah, life is pretty cool, but EG is okay in my spare time. Thanks for the TRUE welcoming of EG, fighting on a person's introduction thread.
  13. Wow, I think I have been gone for too long. Since when did we start having in depth conversations about cum on someone's introduction thread? I'm assuming this is a new thing.
  14. Thanks for the in depth welcoming back.
  15. There was no invite; I usually just force myself in. I'm coming over to your house in 20 minutes. Be prepared.