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  1. So we both received one am I correct ?
  2. Im just saying being a dick head doesn't make you cool little boy. GG
  3. If I could talk to the owner I could simply give awarn to the owner in return something the on server.
  4. the ban wasnt ment for him it was taken care of[ i gave im hi steam ID for the rank and i ban the wrong ID user is ow un banned] Closed.
  5. were am i D: Â
  6. the perma was a miss click i edited it right away like he said!
  7. i kicked alex for racistism a guy that had a russian accent came up to me and said alex was making fun of his accent i herd alex doing it so i said why and he so i kicked him for racistism. For this gut venom he kept disrespecting me and then harrasing me ! Venow Was warned more then once to stop he didnt do so so i banned for 2 days mass admin disrespect / harrasing me and a user the one with the accent, the ban was edited eragoon was there and asked why it was with out a reason and i told him it was a miss click and i edited it so i didnt abuse.[ btw the alex kid did pick up my gun but that was not the reason for the kick]
  8. dosnt matter just shows how much i care about it. adn i didnt say i  didnt abuse
  9. Thank You.
  10. Your name:Mr Chilly DarkRp Name:ImFire Your ban length: Idk Your Steam ID:Steam_0:1:68647063 Banned by: Tjman10 Server name: Wiremod Reason: I Was Apparently Being Abusive,What I Did Was Banned Him From A Job Because Of The Rda He Was Doing Not Just TO Me, Muted, Gagged him. Involved: Myoga The Flea.. Why we should unban you: Becuase I Put Alot Of Money Into The Sever, And Its My Favorite Sever !I Enjoy Helping People With There Problems, And Thats Why I Am A Admin, I Did Abuse When I Am Aware Now . Wont Happen Again.!Â
  11. [EG] Yuri  Yes It Was Abuse! Most Certain Of It! He Is My Brother But Abuse Was Not Ignored ,Because Hes My Brother , Its Still Abuse Point Blank. I Aprove ThE Ban That Was Put In Place. Â
  13. That's some bullshit I help out so many times I've banned ddosers and hackers prop killers rdmers so no I have helpe out. Your the one bitching if you don't like this community then stop playing on it.
  14. and just so you know i didnt ban jason
  15. Thats why jason said when i was online in game  he said we were cool and him disrespecting a higher rank and not following what i say. i am higher ranked than jason so he has to do what i say.