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  1. https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ all of you can go here or call 1-800-273-8255 cause ur crying over pixels. kys.
  2. hey there, im coming back to eugecus and if you wanna add me on steam my name Jasonsemy and my avatar is a little canadian ball. to people who already know who i am, lets start fresh even though a lot of you are already my friends and lets not get toxic anymore and all just have fun. ill see you around!
  3. i want a reason tho, he sold ranks and got greedy? im just wondering why he is unbanned.
  4. are you here with mommys credit card?
  5. why is fagorio unbanned?
  6. omg, close this ffs.
  7. idk lonely is more into this relationship than cookie at this point. lets close this thing already.
  8. thanks
  9. do you even play in game?
  10. Name of the suggestion: seats for rp Why is it helpful: it makes building fun, i like building lil businesses were my clients and i can take a seat cause it adds to the rp experience Summary of the suggestion: i would like seats re added to Custom Friendly, i ask this because they are good for rping and building. What server: (DarkRP, TTT, Forums) CF
  11. when can we close this thread?
  12. putin can spare 10$ lol people actually but fmod and elitemaster on eg xDDD
  13. + support cause eg can be corrupt af when it come to this shit
  14. said this jan 25th, its the feb 10th and still not fixed gg.
  15. whats the point of not playing on the server but staying active on the forums?