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  1. I sent you raqyest
  2. I will add you
  3. Add me you piece of shit.
  4. I know :) On another note, that is the most emotion you will get out of me
  6. UltimateX has been shit forever. I llike standby until today
  7. I need 30 dollars to get out of debt because Wubin is a dick.
  8. I have two. One, I am on the beach with a girl. There is a bridge. There are divets in the sand. There is a person with no skin, with red super saiyan like hhair.I have a laptop. I go on a website and there is interference. Two, I am at my grandma's. My 5th grade teacher and a girl in that class are there. My teacher was dead. Everyone died but me and my aunt. I mentioned there being no food. She says there is some, pulls a knife and laughs. II knew she meant me. But then I woke up.
  9. I bought it when I was reasonably respected. So I can, in fact, say shit.
  10. You "guys" are gonna have to suck a lot of dick to get on the community's good side. Also if cj buys it i am paying to get him banned.
  11. If I really resented you for this, I would be long gone.
  12. This sounds oddly familiar... clearing the air?
  13. Looks like 3 fuckers are getting fadmin.
  14. Exactly. We will see who really cares.