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  1. Stopped playing because of a KOS line. lol
  2. Oh, so your "Lil' brothers" facebook is under ur email. Yeah, I guess that makes alot of sense.
  3. <Link Removed> WHO IS THIS LOL
  4. <Link removed> <Link removed> <Link removed>
  5. hey myoga fuck off hey john fuck off
  6. How about that fictional character role model thing you had going on?
  7. cool
  8. If you know you shouldn't post here then don't post?
  9. Nice hopefully some people actually play
  10. Requesting Wubin's rep to be set back to 0.. because somone set it to -50
  11. No need to put somones name on the forums.
  12. I'd like to say that I've changed.
  13. Idk

    Kinda funny I guess
  14. I was given about 4 chances I didn't have to pay for an unban luckily though