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  1. delete my post so I'm gone for good
  2. I wish I could but I'm banned Heres the superadmin that banned me steam and eragoon I think you do know him so stop lying
  3. Then who is this Nigeria with ulx rcon and I was doing nothing wrong and all they did when I joined was some owner spam my screen with porn links in steam and disrespect me
  4. Fuck this community I never banned any staff and he changed his name after I kicked your alt for disrespect from MXFORLIFE to atv4life and why don't you tell them what you did being a troll and shit
  5. please don't post wher not involved
  6. Welcome to eugecus
  7. Name of the suggestion:make moderators and admins allowed to be on duty job Why is it helpful:the new rule eragoon made today Summary of the suggestion:lonely or alpha goes into the server files and edits that job What server: (DarkRP, TTT, Forums)rp Links:none
  8. Mon-fri around 4-7/8pm weekends when I wake till I crash
  9. Avenger is a paid mod like most
  10. The link doesn't work please fix it
  11. +support
  12. Welcome to the fourms I've seen you in game
  13. Hi

    Welcome to this amazing community hope you enjoy your stay
  14. Appeal accepted user will be unbanned