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  1. Can't remake a server without a host, don't see Eugecus darkRP servers anywhere. It's dead jimbo, make a new community, call it EG2.0
  2. I'd rather not support a server owner who feeds off the innocent, steals childrens money and is never active only to spam /advert buy admin ranka xd
  3. hahahahahahahha its not coming back stop being retarded.
  4. Sup

    It's dead.
  5. Nobody gives a shit about a dead GMOD server that sold admin ranks. This server is nothing new, it's been done a million times, you could call it a pyramid scam by now.
  6. You should like give me tips and help me so I'm not in solo queue hell please ill blow you really good wink wink xoxo

  7. hahaha glad to have taken your virginity ;)
  8. Can't believe I wasted two+ years of my life for this asshole. You're so right it hurts, I never heard his mic nor did I even see him doing admin work. Just stood around begging for money like a bum.
  9. It's not alive. Go away.
  10. who
  11. who even are you rofl
  12. it was never alive to begin with
  13. Apparently living my life and giving my opinion on a community that has done me wrong multiple times means I won't get my rank, fantastic.
  14. Best be getting my rank tbh
  15. i actually hope eg stays dead so yeah real talk tell me how good rogue one is.