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  1. Really the screen shots show nothing and i killed you because i mugged you as it says in the first picture : im The Man if you were wondering
  2. Its not darkblade and i am involved
  3. I know i will get a warning point and i dont care but lied because i killed you cause i mugged you and you disowned the door me and GhostRider owned to buy it and you deleted are props which i will make a thread about!Â
  4. Shadow play is great. you have to have a Nvidia GTX Â 600 and higher to have it i think though
  5. im a witness he did ban many i banned him for a year for doing a takeover
  6. Â I talked to no sho and he said he was mass propkill. Â requesting close
  7. Your Steam ID: (Use to find it.) STEAM_0:0:68881390  Your In-game Name: Police Putins Son  Abusers Steam Name: n0 sh0  Abusers Steam ID: (Use to find it.) STEAM_0:1:36511408  Time/Date: (With time area, ex. PST/PDT and EST/EDT) about 6:30 EST sunday  Evidence of Abuse: (Must be a video/screenshot. All testimonies does not apply.) the one that says "this is aboose"  Evidence Download Link: (If you don't have one leave this blank.)  Server of Incident: Eugecus roleplay custom | friendy | 34 slot  Other Information: Banned a guy for a week without a reasonÂ
  8. Honestly i would not choose because its hard and i think they are both awesome so no vote for me!
  9. well we really dont have to worry about him marick booted him
  10. ;( man dont have any but there is another thread about this soÂ
  11. yea thats what im saying.... Â shouldnt that be a ban or what?
  12. Yes to allÂ
  13. Â yes he didÂ
  14. shit sorry it is called the picture GOdded as thief in law sorryÂ
  15. Name of admin: (Name of the abusing admin) Rp name---> l Ares l Steam name ----> Ares  Admin's Steam ID: (Steam ID of the abusing admin) STEAM_0:0:62391233  How did the admin abused: (What did he do?) He had god mode on why he was thief in law picture ---->  Evidence: (Provided screenshots of him abusing here)  Were you banned during This:(If so provide evidence of ban screen and post an unban appeal) No i wasnt banned   People involved: (If only you and the admin were involved, use "a". If other people are involved, type their names here.) it was just me Â