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  1. I love you Alpha.
  2. If I'm not black listed I'll be there.
  3. Didn't realize this was a dox. It's sad krippen thinks he owns shit. What an ass hat.
  4. That would be my lil' brother. If you're trying to dox me good luck I have no social media, fag.
  5. A more edgy version of Big Foot.
  6. A wild cringey, acne infested teen boy appears with the largest ego I've ever seen. I'm scared.
  7. Agreed, lonely was the fall of Eugecus. Making him developer of the server was a bad move. He destroyed the formula of Eugecus: Vanilla
  8. Your name: #John Your ban length: 7 days Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:59539762 Banned by: Brandon Reason: No clipping while civilian Involved: Brandon Omitted From Deciding: Brandon Why we should unban you: I was no clipping has a citizen, what a big offense. I like to go on the server and talk to the members and usually don't rp. I dislike going admin on duty so I stay citizen. Also can someone PLEASE explain why Brandon can ban admins besides that rank admins? He just joined Saturday at 8:19 PM lol. Name: [EG]Brandon Current Rank: Legendary Permissions: unbanning, ranking and banning admins, noclip as civilian
  9. I knew it was kamman.
  10. + support I dislike sitting in my base 24/7 babysitting printers. Maybe it can be put up to 50,000.
  11. Welcome to hell
  12. Is everyone in this community a weaboo?
  13. What about the updated meth mod?
  14. Sometimes people switch pictures, pictures float all over the screen, and other weird shit occurs.