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  1. Hi

    Thank you all for your warm welcome. And thanks Cookie! As for fixing the signature, too lazy.
  2. Hi

    Hi. Back from school. Woot.Â
  3. I'm back bitches.Â
  4. I'm saying....Besides, track records don't really make a difference here anymore. Let's be honest.
  5. Achievement Hunter. Also, if you'd kindly move those closed reports to the "Resolved" section I'd be much obliged.
  6. You clearly just admitted to hacking on alt. So why would I even consider letting you stay? People usually get alts for security or to hack. I don't care if you got it from steam. You are likely using Falco's scripts or something related to it that's available on the Steam Workshop. I really give 2 shits about that. Hacks are hacks mate. And you just admitted to engaging in it.
  7. Checking now.
  8. I don't even see the ban
  9. To be fair, 99% of your posts were shit in the beginning :3
  10. As active as my busy life will allow.Â
  11. No Sho, your reactions to my presence always amuse me. Cause you'll be beggin for this D later.
  12. Hello people of EG. My name is Daryl :D. Many of you know me, as I was much more active before recently, but many of you don't. Those who do have probably noticed my attendance on the servers and forums has been rather spotty. You may think 'Is Daryl leaving?' 'What will I do without my Daryl'? No don't worry. I am not leaving. I have been busy with multiple things. The main thing being, I am now a senior in High School so I have been visiting and looking into colleges. This is a long, grueling, and, sadly, necessary process. However, I have seen some relief recently so I will be as active as possible. The other bits of time have been me doing random things and hiding in Lookez's Brazilian basement where he keeps me and millions of exotic Amazonian wildlife hostage. Anyway, I leave you with a picture :D.
  13. This seems to require effort. I just like to ban the bitches. But I guess I'll do Appeals with Ian. #Denied.
  14. I change mine to the Witcher 1 cause I just got 2 lel
  15. The Witcher 2. I'd give you sex but, Lookez....