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  1. It's cause me and chubby would always play bowling by prop killing each other xD. But good to see all you sweet potatoes active!
  2. Hello, I'm Phillup some know me most don't, I was a superadmin on wiremod..... RIP wiremod. I would like to get to know some of you potatoes that are still active. :) <3
  3. i remember back when police had his rank and so did chubby and kamman was such a 12 year old and we all had fun eating bricks of crystal meth and touching each-other in closets ;)
  4. looks like leprechaun jizz
  5. nah its one of those updates where they skip numbers so it sounds better
  6. happy birthday ya smelly goose
  7. by next year i can get into the OTC (Olympic training center) and stay for free and free food and then get a coaching job for $15 an hour plus $1500 a month for being on the senior team for gymnastics
  8. i have this same question i had superadmin on wiremod
  9. Hello im glad the servers are back up and i was wondering if i could get my rank back on wiremod :D
  10. Aye

  11. 15 Â 5' 4" bout 110-115 (gymnast) :P
  12. you've always been nice to me ily <3
  13. $50* lol
  14. hory sheeet daz ligitÂ
  15. what happens if you click the link?