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  1. I have added everyone who sent me friend requests on both my accounts, feel free to contact me on either account I will try to check both of them at least once or twice a day.
  2. Anyone who is interested in bringing this community (Or another one) back please send me a PM and I will add you on skype, this way we can discuss it with more simplicity.
  3. In all reality, we wouldn't need Putin, I doubt he even thinks about this server anymore. If people were willing we could rebuild from the ground up with a new player/staff base.
  4. Are you referring to noize or Lonely?
  5. I would be willing to put time into it, I could try and get in touch with Putin and we can go from there if you guys are interested in coming back.
  6. 1. The server died 2. The server died due to lack of interest in the server, everyone lost interest when putin vanished. 3. Everyone moved on
  7. As incorrect has said recently, if we want any chance of bringing in a player base we will need a set time when we all can join. That time is going to be tomorrow, December 30th, at 5pm EST. If this works or doesn't work for you, please let me know and depending on how many people it does or doesn't I will play around with it to accommodate the most amount of players. Thank you and hope you all have a great day!
  8. Welcome, it is always good to see returning faces. Don't remember if I have previously met you in game, but it is something I look forward to!
  9. Because every kid on here has thousands of dollars to waste on a failed lawsuit. I am currently working towards my law degree, and trust me, although what Putin is doing isn't ethical. It's not a winnable case.
  10. Lovely rant, please try and take legal action over a GMod server. See if any lawyer has such little self respect to take it.
  11. As of right now, just pass on the time and date to any friends that play Gmod. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, and take this step by step.
  12. We will be figuring out who gets ranks back based on how helpful they are during the first week of revival. However, saying you don't want the server to come back probably isn't the best way of showing me that you deserve your rank back.
  13. Look guys, lonely was right, age dosent make a difference in much of anything. That being said, maturity does, and from what I can see none of you are being very mature. Not all of you may like lonely, but bottom line is that we need him. So you can either suck it up, ignore him and peacefully coexist. Or you can keep pushing snd eventually be banned from the community, make your choice.
  14. Again. Drop this, whoever continues will recieve a warning point.
  15. Instead of throwing out insults, contact me and I will deal with it.
  16. Guess your "Director board" has very low standards. A proper edited version: LOL, you are honestly the most stupid and ignorant person I've ever met. If you had looked up the nomad community and saw how much money we make a month you would be begging to join us. ALSO, we pay all our admins and head admins. That being said, if you don't want to make some quick cash then go ahead and ruin your server some more. OH WAIT, Is that what I think I hear. Oh yea, I already own your server. Well I guess all of the staff will have to be removed. As I said 1 little child like you can ruin a BIG opportunity like this one, and you just did, you ruined for yourself and other staff. Also, I don't need to make money from a Gmod server. I have a job that pays me enough money. Now I like how Incorrect put it, erm, buzz off.
  17. Buddy. You are talking to the highest authority here besides Putin, which you won't be speaking to. Go back to your director board and enjoy what you have. The fact of the matter is you would not be wanting our server if you didn't stand to gain. We don't want your help and never will, so run along now child.
  18. Your proposal is a joke, as are you. If you want to make an audacious claim like this at the very least make sure your typing is free of any and all grammatical errors. You have random ass capital letters plastered around your text, and spelling errors as well. Eugecus made a name for itself once before, and if we are going to do it again it won't be under someone else's tyrannical thumb. Good day sir.
  19. The "Hi John" comment was most likely directed to the user named John... Just a guess... Anyways, Myoga does have a point, if we want to actually have a chance of bringing this community back, we must put effort into making real threads that matter, not pesky insults thrown back and fourth.
  20. Well unfortunately, Putin was abducted by a savage group of squirrels. Who knows if we will hear from him again.
  21. Ultimately. there were a lot of aspects that lead to the downfall of EG. Not going to get into the details, but I am sure most of you know some of them. Putin, if you are willing to work with me I can help you with what changed and how to avoid it in the future.
  22. Well, I have to say this is a really good surprise. I had regretfully accepted the demise of Eugecus. I had re installed Gmod in hopes to find a new server I liked, but nothing can replace Eugecus. I hope to re-acquaint myself with you all shortly!!!
  23. From viewing many appeals it has come to my attention that not many people know what this section means. So here goes nothing. What do you put in this section? The answer is peoples names! Why is this important? Well we all know that people are easier on their friends and harder on the people they don't like, this can result in an unfair verdict. For example, I am sure some of you have talked to my girlfriend using my alt account. If she got in trouble for some reason then I should not be the one to decide what happens due to how close I am to her. That's what this field is for, if you guys have any questions, feel free to use this post to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability.
  24. From my experience people don't change. They may lie to themselves and others but deep down people never change.
  25. If you want to reds, yeah I don't mind.