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  1. I agree with King. Closed.
  2. Marine is a douche, breaks rules and shit so I banned they tried to bitch me out to Putin and failed lol.
  4. Welcome.
  5. I do all I am able too, to help everyone :D
  6. I bet you can count to carrot...I mean potato
  7. King, aint no body got time for dat!
  8. This is an old template from my old server I owned lol
  9. In front page shows them near rule section.
  10. Ulx

    So just do !ban Mickey 1440 "Licking windows"
  11. I know Dakota, it's just getting Putin around to it.
  12. Insane? If you believe Insane was a "great" or "good" admin you need removing....he is as good as a aids ridden rapist.
  13. For everyone, most of these classes should be implemented in the next week or two into the server. I will try my hardest to get it done in a week or less depending on my scheudle and other peoples schuedles.
  14. I too do not see the point in this thread. But if I had to vote, i'd have to say myself due to all I am doing and have done for the servers. This includes the following: rewriting all the server rules and re-updating them. DarkRP and TTT, now doing with Disabled Angel for Perp also. Â The amount of hours i've spent ensuring the server is right for everyone e.g. no rule breakers, hackers or any RDMers etc. Â The way I approach people and help with sitautions. This includes me listening to all sides and giving a fair answer / result. Â If I cannot pick myself, it'd be Angel and King.
  15. ^^