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  1. Steam Name: Phil the Krill Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:64075285 Server Name: TTT Purchased Rank/Item: Super Admin Evidence of purchase: Ask Cookie, Myoga, or anyone who was an admin like a year ago
  2. Well it's nice to see you're actually alive 2 years ago first time playing TTT (when that was an actual gamemode here) i met this chill dude named no sho mofo
  3. well yeah ik it does but I'm ok with its and it gets over 100fps on max settings in skyrim
  4. I got a new pc its great im ready to make ttt great again said no one ever. So yeah im back my laptop is a Lenovo edge 15 with i7 and a geforce graphic card. Really cool shit
  5. Aye

    Yeah I'll be on the forum often but i'll mostly be on Destiny. That shit is fun as hell. If anyone has Ps4 tell me Â
  6. Aye

    Yes I agree. I have been immersed in Destiny for a couple of months on PS4 btw
  7. Thx for the support
  8. How would i do that?
  9. Happy birthday dude havent talked in ages
  10. ok whats your name on PSN
  11. I know but my brother got the ps4 for his birthday and destiny is meant for the ps4
  12. Anyone have a Ps4 and Destiny that is good I am good but not on my own and i need someones help
  13. Hey welcome back
  14. FUCK YA SGyDHFO:SIEYaptnEO8 thats how exited i am
  15. Well most of you might have forgotten me but i am back. Have been gone all summer just got back on today and Damn Putin you still haven't gotten TTT back up. I look forward to seeing you guys again.