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  1. What if i have no friends? -__-
  2. the panda population proves strong but pandas will eat figs I must hide now.
  3. Happy B-Day
  4. I will not fall for this rouse I... I... I will stay strong.
  5. Welcome back?
  6. please dont hurt me
  7. ok then -_-
  8. Panda you freak me out
  9. Steam name? nvm got it Steam name: Badpanda227 Steam URL: SteamID: STEAM_0:0:111831759 Why you want to test the server?: I have been on multiple servers and have noticed what is needed to have players to enjoy said server. That is mostly how i get most of my suggestions.
  10. Steam name: Fig Steam URL: SteamID: STEAM_0:0:68074269 Why you want to test the server?: I'd like to see a change of pace and i want to see what is going to be new, I also like custom content and I am pretty good at finding bugs.
  11. more post grind of course
  12. Nice m8
  13. -support really no need you can easily go back to the topic
  14. Slowly clicks -rep
  15. Gg