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  1. Lol no. I came back and asked for my master rank and got it. Completely different from what eragoon did. I earned fhelper, and then fmod a month later. Eragoon didn't earn anything.
  2. Flame? So posting my opinion in Off-Topic is now flame? And the only people I disrespect are the people who deserve it. You respect me, I respect you. And don't try to scare me because it's not going to work lol
  3. What an fmod supposed to do to help the server besides ban abusive admins and deal with reports? We can't code the server, help with bigger problems, accept suggestions, etc. Plus, you lost your Fmod, so you can't even talk down to me. You bought Fmod and failed, so hop off the hate train, dear boy.
  4. I'm the only earned Fmod. You think I'm gonna leave because someone begged Putin for Fadmin back after leaving? Use ya brain m8.
  5. Still don't even need 5 fadmins
  6. Again, Hypno is 99% sure he is getting his back, so that makes 6. And Putin is an Fadmin. Is says so right on his profile
  7. Denied. Closed.
  8. That has nothing to do with anything. We don't even need 3 Fadmins, let alone fucking 6.
  9. That's not abuse, nor evidence of abuse. You have 24 hours to post evidence of abuse or this report will be denied.
  10. He did, and apparently all you have to do is ask Putin for Forum Admin back and you get it. That's what Eragoon did.
  11. Hypno is getting his back, which makes 6
  12. Let's see how well having 6 Forum Admins is going to turn out. Are we going to have 10 Forum Mods too, or does that not make sense also?
  13. And you're banned too. APC'd two days ago to be exact.
  14. Not really needed, but welcome back I guess.
  15. Comes back as a "respected" member of the forum staff and immediately is full of himself and has a dick-like attitude. It's a no from me, honey.