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  1. Steam Name: omgitzanlolcat  Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47640532  Ingame Name: OMGitzAnLoLcat  Rank: Head Admin  Date that Proof was taken: 4/8/2015  Forum Page:  Ingame Proof Of Your Rank:
  2. well im an admin so its not a big deal to me i was just curious as to what was wrong
  3. so i dont know if its been addressed but im more or less just asking whats wrong with the printers?
  4. well, glad to see i got such a warm welcome from everyone. ill be trying to use the forums more often, so hopefully youll see more of me
  5. i guess ill do this why not. ive been a head admin for like two weeks now and ive played on custom friendly for about a year now. SO THATS ME
  6. + support other than the money limit, id say that should be around 10 mill.
  7. tired of these HACKERS

  8. Name: omgitzanlolcat Time/Date: 12/1/13 at 12:30 AM Abuser's Steam ID:Â STEAM_0:1:67103289 Evidence: he made up several reasons that weren't true. Server: Eugecus DarkRP Server Extra info: none.
  9. so does this mean i'm going to be unbanned?
  10. so, i was falsely banned by kuntry boy fresh when i was trash talking him for being a bad admin. he then banned me permanently for mass cdm, rdm, promoting my own server (i don't even have my own server), and fading door abuse. do something about him.