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  1. Its pretty simple to obtain enough money for shipments. Also no point in buying a single gun, then dieing and having to find the same gun dealer instead of them just in your base stored. (Basically what Cold said in summary) -support
  2. Seeing admins break rules Seeing admins break rulesSeeing admins break rulesSeeing admins break rulesSeeing admins break rulesServer Crash? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. I knew those adverts about selling ranks were fishy... R.I.P. Fox
  4. I think so, especially the ones with long blonde hair and piercings.
  5. I swear i didn't google image this
  6. I opened it up to suggestions... and im saying it deserves a salary because the gangster has one so it may be equal. To even out the raiding situation you could say for gangsters you need to raid with the mob boss, or one other gangster... :) Idk.
  7. Name of the suggestion: A job named, "Hacker". Why is it helpful: This will allow users to instead of use lockpicks to raid bases, now they need use a keypad hacker to raid instead. Also, against bases where the visibility of the raiders is only near the fading door, and not directly on the keypad. Summary of the suggestion: JOB SALARY: $45 (Same as thief) Basically same job as thief, but no lockpick but has keypad hacker. I tried thinking of something more beneficial than the "Gangster" but didn't think of anything that would make you choose him in specific groups. This requires a Keypad Hacker add-on, which can be installed and if you never seen it before, basically you click on a keypad. It then starts to "hack" it, and is pretty loud but i believe it is a tad faster then the lockpick. (Sorta evens out with the loudness.) What server: DARKRP (Not-Wire) 60 Slot Links: KEYPAD HACKER ADD-ON:
  8. Congrats my keke :D
  9. You are just mad you got -10 rep ;D Dont hurt me pls
  10. Nice to see you again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Cmoney Im not too new to CS, have about 500 hours in CS, and 2k hours in CS:GO, but help would be appreciated XD
  11. Hello, I am DeeeR. I started playing Eugecus around November 20th 2013, and made a account on the forums November 28th, 2013 I bought admin around this time as well, however was inactive due to personal reasons and came back in 2014. However, again i became inactive due to more personal reasons around a month earlier, and now starting to become active again. Im still rusty with all these commands and rules im trying to re-learn again, so please don't be harsh. I like mostly building, and trying to start building bases again and become the best builder around, I also hate being a cop... I own CS:GO And was LE, however i got a new mouse and its been downhill since... Thank you for your time for reading this!!!
  12. Recently the Stacker was removed for ranks below superadmin (I believe). I am only a admin, however i still should have stacker. I don't mind spending extra money for something i never had before , or a new rank i would really like to have, however a tool as simple as this a admin should have. This basically ruined building for me, since it adds extra 5 minutes making a single wall, etc. This is just a suggestion... so don't be harsh. -DeeeR
  13. I mean i like food. Its pretty good so you don't starve.