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  1. Hey guys its me BroZ and I'm back and ready to play Custom Friendly!
  2. Thanks for the advice, don't take that class when I go to High School next year.
  3. Welcome back! I just came back this week as well XD
  4. Welcome to the forums!
  5. Thought stuff would was gone over 3 months maybe more...
  6. Im back and playing Custom Friendly! Probably gonna need to refresh myself on how to do things but other then that I'm the same.
  7. If you think you can fix it msg me on steam: [EG] BroZ
  8. Lol i guess ima be gone a while now, until this is fixed. Just as fast as i rejoined i am gone... Will check back every once in a while to see if it's gone. No one knows what to do, so all i can do is wait and see. Farewell eugecus. If you think you can fix it msg me on steam: [EG] BroZ Â ~~~ Just as quickly as i left I'm back! I'm unbanned lol!
  9. Lol and the only server I'm not banned from (Wiremod) an admin bans me permanently because i was no access. WHY DA FUQ ARE PEOPLE SO STUPID? Wouldn't even let me explain!
  10. Well i didn't click on a ban link but it happened after i banned someone. Plus I've seen people be unbanned from one of those links.
  11. Nope and don't yell at police for helping. I don't mind.
  12. I was told to make a new one because i was still not unbanned and can we not close this until it's resolved? Old one:
  13. Thank you.
  14. Can i be explained why? I was just playing and it happened plus i have a brother and i don't think its fair if hes banned as well.
  15. Now it doesn't show up in my history nor when i search it in the internet section...