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  1. Just re add me, I went through my friends list a while ago and cleaned it.
  2. What is happening
  3. I didn't even know this site was still up... are we making a come back? Let me know and closed this because it's a spam bot
  4. Sup

    You always are though Doing good, busy... work and college
  5. Lol who
  6. RIP. Welcome back though
  7. Just had to fix my name Yeah and to be honest a lot of servers do the same thing and not only in GMOD Woah.
  8. He should give himself a warning point Don't want to be getting off topic here, but yes the pain killers make me feel good.
  9. Why would you be?
  10. Doubt I will be on, just got surgery today on my ankle.
  11. lol this kid dude add me on steam too and ok thats good
  12. Trying to reply to lonely's video didn't post my post rip... ( Yeah that could of sounded better ) Anyways what has everyone been up to?
  13. I didn't mind either of them, kinda smelly though :/ The lack that nobody wanted to get on and start the server so more people would get on killed the server
  14. Nope, people should help by getting on the server, I would but finals start tomorrow.
  15. So the forums are restored from March 2016? Edit: Pretty much home a lot because most of my classes are online for the spring semester.