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  1. lol rekt m8Â Â Â
  2. Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:36593324  Your In-game Name: Swaggleberry Hummus  Abusers Steam Name: Jinx  Abusers Steam ID: Many people named Jinx on steam. Wasn't able to find.  Time/Date: 3:14 AM (sorry don't know timezone)  Evidence of Abuse:  Evidence Download Link:  Server of Incident: Eugecus Roleplay | Custom |  Other Information: He wasn't an admin job. He was part of a gang and checked our base without changing. After telling him that he was not allowed to do that, he told me to stfu and noclipped out.
  3.  Name of user: Parageusia and [EEG] Gearclaw™♥(Marshall).  Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:46227163 (Gearclaw) and STEAM_0:0:79447016 (Parageusia)  Time of infraction: 2/11/14  Server: Wiremod ( One labeled as Garry's Mod.)  Reason: Gearclaw RDA multiple times and both RDM.  Evidence:
  4. The ban
  5. Actually the server has Wiremod.
  6. Your name:(Steam name and DarkRP name) Your ban length: 1 week and a hour. Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:36593324 Banned by: wluckyduck ( I think it's pretty close.) Server name:Â 24/7 ( One labeled as Garry's Mod ) Reason:Â Propsurfing Involved: Gearclaw Why we should unban you: I shall tell you the story on what happened. I was making a staircase to a house I was making. Then Gearclaw came up yelling that I was prop climbing. I was explaining that I was going to make a house out of it ( I'm a hobo ). Then he started to go into the house that was next to it and stayed in there for a while. Then he came out and a person that was in the building next by was shooting me and killed me. Last, wluckyduck came here without taking me for a admin sit, told me that I was prop climbing, then banned me. I looked in the guidelines for ban lengths and I saw the following :Â PROPSURF/PROPCLIMB/PROPPUSH/PROPBLOCK:Â Warn the user on a admin sit, if he keeps doing it kick or ban for 4h-5 days. Â He first broke the guideline and didn't warn me. Straight up banned me. I was trying to explain and he rejected any proof that I was doing right, not wrong. So I think it is right to unban me. Also you guys should talk to the person who banned me about what to do as an admin and follow the rules. That's all.
  7. Name: Toaster Waffle. The abuser is [Eugecus]Cjstitt²³™. Time/Date:2/8/2014 Abuser's Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:61922768 Evidence: Server: One labeled as "Garry's Mod". Extra info: I was building my gun shop and he wanted to buy a gun while saying racist remarks. Then he called raid as a citizen and RDMed me. I return back and started tried to prop kill him, thinking if he did that, he was just playing around and I will do the same. I got kicked right after, causing me to lose my shop and weapons. He says it was just a joke. I "accidently" shot you in the head. He didn't get any sort of punishment but I have to take some.
  8. So what is the decision?
  9. Deh fuk
  10. Yeah, lol. I'm a moderator In TTT. Sorry for not clearing that up.
  11. I unfortunately don't know his rank. Also the "West" guy was like "Dude! I got screenshots and everything! If you want them, Ima give you it so you can put it in the forums!"
  12. IDK who Noodle Putin is either. Saw him on the server today. So what about the situation here?
  13. Â Picture of my ban.
  14. Your name: Toaster Waffle, both same. Your ban length:7200 Minutes Your Steam ID:Â STEAM_0:0:36593324 Banned by: Noodle Putin Server name:Â Wire mod (The one labeled only as Garry's Mod.) Reason:Â "Printer Bombing", Duping knifes, Lying to admins, disrespect. Involved: Sebas Why we should unban you: First, let me tell you the story. I was a bodyguard for the person named Sebas. I went to his base with him and he wanted to destroy the printers in his base. Not knowing what will happen, I went and destroyed the printers with him. That cause 6 people, including me and Sebas to die. Then I got teleported and put into jail at the rooftops. I was trying to explain and then Noodle just noclipped out, not giving a damn. Then the other admins came and explain what I did. The "Lying to admins and duping knifes" part I didn't even do. It was a mistake I didn't know what It will cause. Yes, I got pissy and told the admins a couple of things because the things they listed are wrong to my belief. So if you unban me, I will try to not do the things I supposedly did. Â