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  1. Didn't we do this before?
  2. HI!

    Welcome to the forums.
  3. +supportÂ
  4. sad to hear. sorry alpha.
  5. You know we dont take witness statements. He already said that he set himself to GD. This post is pointless.
  6. I will be activeÂ
  7. Hey

    Wow so server has not gotten any better?
  8. Hey

    No, I just do not go on GMD anymore. They decided to demote me because I was inactive.
  9. Hey

    Well I am going to come back and try to be active again. What have I missed?
  10. you fuckass?
  11. I do live in Canada myself and I think that we would try to help America if there was major acts of terrorism.
  12. Seriously I have never seen or heard of anyone with that name.
  13. Who the fuck is kutie?
  14. It is free to play or you can trade a fucking card for it. Not worth 5 bucks.