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  1. hi

    Looks like old people are coming back. MY TURN!
  2. Yes, I remember you Jason :P
  3. Babe tell me when you're coming back don't leave me in the dark >:(
  4. Ok, I don't think he understands what "matured" means... I think he thinks its "A better plan for a takeover"
  5. "Matured" Heh.. Like that's possible for him.
  6. Ikr... But I mean, its Kam... No surprise there. :)
  7. Ty :) And yes, I am very nice unless you piss me off :D
  8. You're magic! You are the first profile I saw when I came back I think...
  9. Jesus Christ! Didn't know this was achievable... XD
  10. Tru...
  11. True tho
  12. wow rood ;-; Hai :) Boy oh boy. You're birthday is 2000, and you've somehow been around here since 03! Someone take the weed away from him!
  13. Mmm, hard to believe that bud. I think I remember you? You were on my friends list at one point x)
  14. oh boy the good ol' days! Haha
  15. I suppose you could say. I'll be coming for a visit this Friday ;) may stay if all goes well with peoples yo homes