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  1. Say happy birthday jerk offs.
  2. I thought babys came out of mommy's tummy ;(
  3. Good for him
  4. Steam Name: Von Steiner  Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:59539500  Ingame Name: Von Steiner [Eugecus]  Rank: Co Owner  Date: 9:34pm   9/14/14  Proof: http://i.imgur.com/TxlSSnP.jpg  Forum Page: http://eugecus.com/index.php?/user/2990-von-steiner/ Â
  5. 7
  6. i live in the us but I'm GermanÂ
  7. I remember Mom as an admin (Evidence)Â
  8. And sorry for making the title look like a joke it was his name :(
  9. My Steam ID:Â STEAM_0:1:59539500 My Ingame Name: Von Steiner [Eugecus] Abusers Steam Name: Kaih2002 Abusers Steam ID:Â STEAM_0:1:77422929 Time/Date: 7/7/2014 10:40 Evidence Of Abuse: Evidence of abuse will be at the "Other Information" Area Evidence Download Link: ??? Server Of Incident Eugecus|Custom|Friendly|Wiremod Other Information :I am going to be putting evidence here because i need to have captions Screen#1: Â Â http://i.imgur.com/8DQGgqe.png Screen#2: Â Â http://i.imgur.com/fQuyqIB.png Screen#3: Â Â http://i.imgur.com/WkkUXgu.png THE TITLE MAY SEEM LIKE A JOKE BUT HIS NAME WAS #YoloSwag INGAME
  10. same thing happened to me except i was gone for a week... Anyway no one can help you unless you have valid proof like the email you got when you purchased your rank or proof like this : http://i.imgur.com/oPNhitS.png
  11. now i have one :D Â
  12. I am a co owner on eugecus|custom|friendly|wiremod but I only have super admin so can I have rank back http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079344729
  13. name: Oliver keys steam name: Xamer. steamID: STEAM_0:0:26896989 problem: Oliver keys ( Xamer.) is doing disturbing graphite proof:Â http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=206899466 server: Eugecus|custom|friendly|wiremod serverIP: