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    I dont know if it means anything but, I didnt really know como all that well. I saw him around the server and such, but what i saw was a pretty good admin, yeah he messed around a bit but overall he was a really great admin from what I took from him. I understand theres no excuse for abusing but by all means he does not deserve a 6 month ban.
  2. There was a hacker in the server today and he kept kicking everyone so i banned him and then suddenly it said i was added to ban listÂ
  3. Dont do it
  4. I feel somebody can crash the server by spamming props just as easily as they can using the tool gun
  5. So I play on Eugecus all the time and I usually start my gang called "Gondor" which has gained over 40 people on the steam page I made, and the page is made up of people i've met on Eugecus. I always like to go all out on a Huge base and I love to build. But recently stacker was removed and I'm a little pissed because now my bases don't look neat and are much harder to build. I don't quite understand why stacker would be taken away in the first place. I really want stacker to be brought back to players it is used so much and is practically an essential to builders in the server.
  6. Hey Guys. Yeah I assume it was out of good intentions i thought somebody changed their name to Ami*. But i'm still banned.
  7. Yeah I know you guys  probably dont need another one of these ban appeals seeing as its happend to pretty much everyone else but yeah i'd like to be unbanned. Steam name: Dovahbear DarkRP Name: Wumbonator Ban length: Perma Steam ID: 76561198046230526 Banned by some guy named Ami* No reason given Wiremod I think no other people involved I got banned by a hacker presumably so I should be unbanned.
  8. Wtf is going on guys. Server got hacked to shit and all admins were banned. This whole things fucked.
  9. So today I was playing in the server with a bunch of my friends and we were bored. We wanted somebody to raid us so I saw Oz loitering around my base so I said " I bet Oz sucks at raiding" (Oz was a thief in law) after that Oz kicked me for "disrespect" so I came back onto the server and told my friends " Wow Oz just kicked me for no reason hes being a really crappy admin" and as it turns out Oz and Much Skill were spectating me waiting for me to "disrespect" Oz again. So they kicked me. Once again i got back on and after about 15 minutes I thought hey i wonder if they're still spectating me so I said " Much Skill and Oz are doing a shit job spectating me for no reason" So before I knew it they teleported me up to the roof and banned me for an hour but right before they banned me i asked why and Much Skill said "Much ban for Much nub" i have a screenshot of him saying that so i'll put that on here.
  11. check the logs when he kicked me, plus i have a friend who was in the game.
  12. I love playing in your server and today Dora (an admin) was throwing cars at people, rdming and kicking for no reason. Today I was a SWAT and dora came up and knifed me, it only damaged me a little bit but since he attacked an officer I shot and killed him then he kicked me and i came back and asked what the hell why did you kick me and then i was PERMA BANNED for the reason 'fuck off' Â I really hope this is seen soon because i want to be unbanned and love your server. This was in the Eugecus Roleplay server. Â WumboNator Time was around 5:00 p.m. on saturday, august 17th STEAM_0:0:42982399