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  1. Nah it was that gigantic kos sign incorrect
  2. No, i made my server after eg died.
  3. john wick is cool but let's be honest. 20 man heroic lei shen is wayyyyy cooler yeah that waqs also faggery
  4. fine, distraction but WoW is taking up most of my time
  5. yeah amirite or amirite
  6. yes, the meme in the spicy is truly a spicy meme???? lol i remember when i thought secret codes made me cool, such faggery
  7. what a spicy meme this is
  8. Congrats
  9. Welcome
  10. To be honest, if pking was removed, the server would have a lot less traffic.
  11. Requesting move to report an admin abuse. If this is, in fact, a report.
  12. Meth takes quite alot to make, and it take a long time. I would not be opposed to this, but not many people complain about it.
  13. Welcome to the forums.
  14. panda
  15. Piano in the server