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  1. You should like give me tips and help me so I'm not in solo queue hell please ill blow you really good wink wink xoxo

  2. I just got bored of gmod. Lol and in corrects fucking kos line. U know how many times I got called by some 12 year old that doesn't know what he's doing? Two.
  3. I think the only time Putin was kind of online was when those Rphones or w/e were introduced. Haha, or the occasional auto join and advert, "Who want to buy rank?"
  4. Yo what is good my dude bro. It's been a while, you were a bad admin though i remember haha. Sorry but I can't put my finger on what it was.. You were fine other than that. :) Hello again friend.
  5. Did the sever die already again? Lol.
  6. Not to be THAT guy but I belive it was my idea originally to get a set date.. Unless I'm completely wrong and missed the post before. But I just like to give credit where it is due.
  7. LOL
  8. You not admin anymore? smh.. LonelyWolf double posting too haha. xD
  9. My point exactly nobody did anything. They just ignored the problems, if you want to fix the community have a good administration but that's over now. :/ Maybe i can help later in the process. I just remembered now that you wanted people u didn't like to get banned. LOL i remember in that Skype call you wanted to do a little spring cleaning with staff haha. Thats when I started to not like your ways of administrating. That's fucking stupid shouldn't we ask our "leaders" about their past and what they did?? I don't want And Guess who gave the money back to Putin in the end. So you really can't hold that over my head anymore.. Going to see a movie. I'll enjoy it with the help of the leaf B)
  10. He didn't do anything apparently some time ago. It was when I created the forum helper rank and when i was user. So LONG time ago, is what he says I honestly can't remember. @LonelyWolf Myoga is partially right because you didn't really know me back when i was a forum mod. I never talked to you nor play, you didn't truly know me at all.
  11. Lol, and so it continues.. This line is all i need to read xd. "Correction: I started high school 2 years ago, so don't be a retard. Also, age does not matter bud." Your mind isn't close to being fully developed. Also why do u think they're age requirements for positions like the government or jobs. XD Don't be a pussy huh. Haha great way to treat your own staff, that's the stuff i'm talking about the unnecessary names and i literally have no hard feelings toward you and your calling me that And don't speak for everyone else misunderstanding me. That's a very different view you have from the actual picture. Why are you taking control of it again, the community was really fine without you in a commanding position. Once you started it went downhill from there. And i'm pretty sure Putin did and is paying you. But that's just my own thoughts.. Correction: Central powers are now Nazi Germany, a.k.a. Lonely.
  12. It seems like the same central powers are in control of the community again. The same people that didn't really help the community.. I'm not sure I want an EGO to run a community. I'm not gonna trust the decisions of someone who just started high school. He just gave the FTP to Incorrect..Yeah the guy that made that huge kos line and ruined the game and server. Not saying there were other factors but I stopped playing because of that. And nothing against u guys i'm just looking at it for what it is, am i not? And were already flaming each other and the whole way the situation was handed just back in the pages.. What an awful representation of a community for u guys to flame some guy that wanted to try and help a server, Lol.
  13. If people would go on the fucking server I propose a date to start the official release bc I don't have powers. Nor do I think most people do and then it will be a coordinated event. I propose Saturday. Edit: and if lonely is comming back with the same or near to amount of power I'm just not gonna come back then, sorry. No hard feelings I just have reasons that I won't share here.
  14. I do think lonely or Eragoon should have anything to do with power. It just caused problems. Even though Eragoon is gone now. #Cookieforowner2017
  15. no u BTW I smell like a sea urchin, this post was not edited