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  1. Actually I knew cookie was going to post this lmao. He posted the same topic last year. Also thanks everybody.
  2. Did you get rupingle from Mantrousse? I see in his videos that one of his steam accounts is named that.
  3. My mom wasn't sick for the last 9 months, what I am saying is although I came back from inactivity my mother getting sick was not expected, I didn't realize I would need to take care of her this entire week. I was only letting the forums know why I was not posting over the last week and a half. TJ I never asked for my rank back this time. I said on multiple occasions the reason why I was inactive(My Mom), I specifically said I don't want to ask for my rank back until I figure out what my work load is going to be now that school has started up again. I am not sure why everyone has to state their opinion, all I was trying to fucking do was tell you guys why I wasn't here THAT IS IT. I never asked for my rank back I never tried to justify it. I said I wasn't here, I know I wasn't, this why and now I will let you know when I can be active again..is that honestly way to hard for you all to comprehend? The only thing I said other than that was that I felt disrespected to think you guys should say that I should put time into EG while my mom my is sick and unable to do things for herself. I don't understand why everyone posts here. It wasn't meant for you to reply nor to get annoyed about anything or to disrespect me or my family. Honestly the fact that so much of the forums staff act like 10 year olds about certain things is insane Requesting close to prevent more flame
  4. Why do you think that I didnt ask for my rank back? Do you think that I somehow knew by the power of God that my mom was going to get sick? Do you think I want my mom sick just so that I can give you guys a reason for my inactivity? Do you think I was happy when my mom got sick because I could go inactive with a reason for doing so? The answer to the last 3 questions is no I didnt want my mom to get sick and I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on. That is all. incorrect what I meant by asking for my rank back was about this time and this time only. During the course of me posting the original topic to now I did not ask for my rank back.
  5. this kid is gonna make it negative through the admin cp just so that a known someone up top owes you a blowjob
  6. I am pretty sure someone said he forgot the (dont) in his post.
  7. Like it was said I never asked for my rank back. All I said was that I was gone for this reason and I dont want to come back until I figure out if I have the time. If I asked for my rank back that would be a different story. Eragoon the payday thing is the exact same thing. It may not be the same exact circumstance but it is the exact same thing. People always tell me that I am not active (Which I know) and then I say I will be active and then I am not because of certain more important reasons. I know that I am not the most active person but I take my life ahead of this. You saying to me I am going to come play payday after this game and then ditching and then the next time saying I will come play payday and then ditching is the exact same thing.
  8. The fact that Alpha posted what he did honestly makes me pretty upset. I didn't say I went inactive because of school. I went inactive because of my mom and I don't want to go active again until I see how much my work load will be. Also yes my mom does need me every minute, she is a lot more important than any of you. Without her I wouldn't be here and she deserves my complete attention when she is sick. If I wasn't doing something for her I was sitting with her keeping her company while she was lying in her bed. I know you don't Eragoon but your a pretty big hypocrite when you say you're going to play Payday with me and then 4 hours later after I waited forever you say nevermind I am gonna go to bed. Also my time on CS:GO was at one point in time. 1 day out of those last 2 weeks I played CS:GO. That time consisted of me buying the new operation coin searching through the market for the new skins with the game open in the backround and then 1 competitive game and the 3 missions I was allowed to do at the time. It was also at 11pm with my friend after my mom went to sleep for the night. The fact that any of you had the balls to try and tell me I should care about EG more than my sick mother disgusts me. The fact that the STAFF team posted it is even worse. The fact that I work with some of you sickens me. I hope you never have someone say to you in context why does your sick mom need you fuck that you should come do what we want you to do because we are inmature children on the internet and all we care about it ourselves and think the world revolves around what we need to get done. Its really sad. I really hope Alpha that after your car crash your family cared about you because I would feel really bad if your parents said fuck him he was stupid enough to get into a crash in the first place. I hope that isnt the outcome. I now contemplate if I should even come back to this community after the disrespect you guys gave. It seems that I figured out today who my real friends in this place are, you guys made it pretty clear, you know who you are.
  9. So I know many of you have noticed that I was not on the forums very much over the past week. The reason I was set to Inactive was due to me not posting. The reason I was not posting was my mom was very sick and needed my help taking care of things around the house and taking care of her in general. I spoke to LonelyWolf about this because he messaged me. I just got back to school after a break and I will decide within the next couple days if I will come back now or if I will come back in the near future. It all depends on my work load with school starting. I am sorry for being inactive but my mom is more important. I will post on this topic again soon or I will message Lonely with the information I receive from my teachers.
  10. You have a serious relationship with almost all the forum staff lmao Welcome back Krawn
  11. Talked to LonelyWolf and he said as soon as he was free he would post the decision about this. /closed until lonely is able to post
  12. I am not sure if they talked yet but I will contact Lonely and see if they either have made a decision about it or if they still need to have a conversation with everyone.
  13. Since I have nothing to go by about unbanning you I will have to wait for Overwatch to reply with his side of the story. /pending
  14. Yes

    Welcome back Foxorio
  15. Congrats even though I am talking to you right now in skype