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  1. Can't wait!
  2. The user that was killed called an ad,in so they weren't just " playing around". This user that was banned was killed as an rp job , and he came back as admin on duty and killed the other user. And you are telling me this isn't admin abuse
  3. ok sure man! You almost make it seem It seem I abuse all the time, But uh yeah nothing wrong for buying fmod and I used admin powers in rp once. And got a two week ban. Now when people do it it's a two day seems fair
  4. Happy birthday
  5. -support Dont think this is needed just because more users use printers...... also not many users have complained about this
  6. welcome!
  7. Moved.... User has 48 hours to use correct template or report will be denied
  8. <3 glad to help
  9. Please follow this: Steam ID: In-GameName: Bugs: Suggestions: New Map Impressions General Feedback: Other information: Requesting Pin Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:73712442 In-GameName: Green Arrow Bugs: N/A Suggestions: making the garage free for anyone to own not just the government New Map Impressions: I love this new map from the flea market to the new government building! General Feedback: I heard some players saying they can't load in cause of their computer. However I load in just fine running Mac OS. Other information: N/A
  10. you scare me
  11. Report accepted. BLogs shows Prop kill at least 5-6 times CLosed
  12. Steam name: ❤ spongedavid5 ❤ Steam URL: SteamID: STEAM_0:1:73712442 Why you want to test the server?: I would love to help out the server any time! Also it was be cool to see all of the mods in this new server.
  13. Majoring in Marketing to go into advertising. The college I'm looking at has an amazing business school.
  14. I want a free hug!
  15. - support...... Not needed in my opinion. There is a tab for recent posts and recent topics.