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  1. but lonelywolf did youtell cold to bannd me

  2. He Bannd Me For No Reasson He Is a EliteMaster Am a EliteMaster And The Bannd Reasson Was Loney Said So Plz Unbannd me ):
  3. Plz Unbannd Me And Bannd This Abusher Name Cold No Reasson At All Plz Pepole Help Me Out );
  4. Cold Is Abushing And He Bannd Me For Helping Pepole I Was a EliteMaster And He Bannd Me For a Week Reasson He Said Lonely Say So Plz bannd Him
  5. LonelyWolf Cold Bannd Me For No Reasson Can you Unbannd Me I was a EliteMaster



  6. I got bannd by Loneywolf Harrsaing Players I Never Did That And Abushing And Theres No Proof Unbannd Me Plz );
  7. To LoneyWolf Form Nathan33 (: Hi LoneyWolf Its Me Nathan33 I Just Whant to Say That I Never Harass And I Never Physgun Abush And I Never Mess With Users Props And Theres Just No Proof And I Play With My Best Friend With  GoboRobo You Might Here Him Befor hes The One Bannd But Hes Unbannd To day And I just Whant to Play With Him And I play This Server For 2 Years And I Love it And I just Whant to Say That your a Good Owner And I just Whant a Unbannd or A Upgarde Bannd For 1440 Min But you Bannd me for 10080 min I Was Doing My Job And I just Whant to say that the people Where Mad For Some Reasson and That's All I Whant To Say Hope You Read This Note Befor Am Unbannd See You Later (;