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  1. I hope u feel better I also just got surgery on Thursday but mine was on my shoulder after I tore my labrum while playing football
  2. Then I'll be your friend❤️
  3. As am I Also I know this is already obvious but anyone that is joining please invite your friends that way more people will join. Also joining and not rping isn't going to help I want to point out, I plan on actually rping and playing like old EG was so fun to do on before it went down.
  4. I'm ready to join whoever in need. Alpha im adding you that way you can tell me if I need to know anything or to spread information.
  5. No I'm on sending clinet info
  6. Hoping on now boy
  7. I will try to get on as soon as possible! Ranks that are not global don't transfer over to the new server correct?
  8. l am afraid to say it but the right thing to do is to keep it at 0 because saying you are starting a new doesn't mean you were never here, if you have scammed in the past I would rather people knew about it and didn't trust you through your rep then acting like it never happened if you truly want to prove to people that you have changed get your rep back to 0 from -50
  9. What he is saying is true, I talked to him and it was all just a big misunderstanding
  10. Idk

    I enjoyed that a lot
  11. May I just edit the template to say Ommited(Unable to make verdict) Or something on those lines that way people partially know what ommited is
  12. I warned you many times and you even saw John get banned for the exact same thing yet you continued I warned you time after time to stop yet you continued I even set you to admin on duty so you didn't have to do any work but you just kept going back to civ. Your reason for unban is because your trusted? Obviously you can't be trusted if your flying around as civ after being warned many times. I don't care who you are you still have to follow the rules just like everyone else....
  13. you can unban them if you want it's all up to you I was just going by what I know
  14. Admins should stop with all of these impulsive bans and listen to both sides of the story, As to you shooting back as admin on duty is not allowed neither is him shooting you in the first place seeing as how you have been banned multiple times before tho I will shorten your ban to 1 day instead of three. Appeal accepted Ban has been shortened to 1 day from 3 /closed