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  1. Sup

    Im gay
  2. Your name: Steam Name: Sadness Darkrp Name: ILoveMyself Your ban length: 2 weeks Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:70389984 Banned by: Im pretty sure it was Avenger but it might've been Razor/Incorrect Reason: Building an "Illegal" base, after being warned before Involved: Avenger Omitted From Deciding: Everyone has a say Why we should unban you: So yes, I can see from your point of view that it looked like the same base as before, but it wasn't. I made it to where i was kill able. I spread apart the barrier so that i would have to run in farther to kill them and give them a wider area of surveillance. Before you banned me for 2 weeks, i had already been raided like 2 times and killed once, so I feel as if that was not a kill box. 7. Do not make death boxes: Do not make boxes or walls that will give no chance to raiders to damage you. To make your defenses fair, if you can see and shoot the enemy, the enemy must be able to see and shoot you too. You see, They were able too shoot me as I was able to shoot them, so this was a legal base. I know Enilyn had a base similar where you would run in and shoot at them, and I killed her. But its alright with me if you dont except this appeal. OH, I want to be unbanned in two days if that's possible, because I haven't served a week yet and I feel as if I deserve that for not listening to you the first time. But thanks for reading if you did, I appreciate it. <3
  3. Sometimes when my neighbor isnt home, i climb over the fence and roll around in his garden pretending im a carrot
  4. No, i feel like I break the rules a lot and everytime my ban gets appeales, this one ill take the punishment and just wait.
  5. you only banned me because you dont know what a killbox is or how that certain one is setup. But im not gonna complain because that is unprofessional
  6. XD Youre hilarious Avenger, just sooo funny But all i listen too is country so i cant help you out at all
  7. Its a good one, really catchy
  8. i dont know who bought it, but there are a lot of ways to figure it out. Im just stating some. Because I dont know who bought it.
  9. maybe it tells him the date when he or someone else bought it Or a family member died the day he bought it
  10. Is the server the same age
  11. Or just track him down, if he wants to copyright it. Then once you find him you have to copyright him with this dick. Well, or hang them from the ceiling fan. I feel as if everyone feels that way sometimes, want to hang themselves from their ceiling fan. As their dog barks at your swinging body, watching your skin turn lifeless and eyes roll back.
  12. probably because of their weak applications, the application template on my server is so in depth its not even funny.
  13. i would be fuckin scarred from that
  14. Close this topic, this was the wrong site. Didnt meanto pst this here