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  1. Your name: Xapafe Your ban length: 2 weeks Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:15434680 Banned by: (No idea) Server name: DarkRP Reason: Being Racist? Involved: Can't remember Why we should unban you: Because I NEVER SAID ANY RACIST REMARKS. This is insulting, I was banned for saying that they admins shouldn't be so hard on someone for joking around. I NEVER SAID ANYTHING RACIAL. And let's for just a second assume I did say something racist. Per the rules I'm supposed to receive a warning, which I never did. I asked for chat logs to be pulled but apparently was ignored. This entire ban is nonsensical.
  2. I'm still not sure how I was being racist, when I never said ANY racist remarks..This makes me kind of sad to hear.
  3. Xapafe (Both steam and in-game) PermaBan STEAM_0:1:15434680 Can't remember who banned me, happened fast and out of nowhere. Eugecus Friendly DarkRP I did not have a reason for being banned, but I know why I was. I was defending another player on the server. This player wasn't making any direct remarks towards anyone in particular but he WAS making some immature suggestions involving the recent tragedies around the globe (think Paris). I NEVER ONCE said anything directly regarding these events, I was only speaking OOC about the events, and how everyone shouldn't be so angry about him making fun as it was the Internet after all. Then I made another OOC comment that said "I bet you guys would like it to be illegal to hurt someone's feelings too." Then I was banned. I have read the rules, I feel as though this falls under "Disrespect/Homophobia/Racial Slurs but even then, I wasn't making the comments myself anyways. I never received a warning, and I feel as though the admin handled this situation very poorly.