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  1. Well my current id changed to id/visleaf because no one took it but you can add me there, I sent your a FR request on steam alpha.
  2. I can most likely help, mostly busy with my own community.
  3. Well, I learned Lua and learned everything about it. I'm still bf's with noize so I can easily bring her back but I highly doubt she'd want to get involved with a bunch of EG drama again. As for needing a dev, I can do a lot and so can Lonely considering we both do shit together. If you're curious in getting full main contact of me you can add me @
  4. It's going to come back some time.
  5. Sup

    How's the fine peeps of Eugecus doing?
  6. Someone needs to write a book about it, so I'll do it.
  7. Sup

    Eugecus is a great big family!
  8. 1. Power corruption. 2. When krav left things crumbled. 3. This was a community tight packed closely of acquaintances and friends. We all kinda just broke apart.
  9. No idea who you even are.
  10. Tbh Putin, almost everyone paid you in a fair manner lol.
  11. Mental breakdown on featuring your one and only Eragoon!
  12. I'll be on.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE ARROW OF TRUTH
  14. Goodbye aspie.
  15. You're calling him stupid and ignorant? Fuck off you buzzing fly.
  16. If we're gonna do this, we all need to plan a time to hop on.
  17. Hello John!
  18. So how is my bud Jouram's server doing for you?
  19. Yeah dude, April sure was a really long time ago.
  20. This is clearly a secret code.
  21. To everyone: Krav leaving and power hunger thriving is the two biggest reasons to why this community died. If you're going to bring it back, I suggest you highly re-think whom is positioned to power. I'm not asking for ranks, I'll stay fmod if I'm given the hand to. If it's stripped the next day, then what will come will come without my permission or my choosing.
  22. Neato.
  23. I believe kamman can change the way he handles things if I am here to help him. I will glady spend time assisting in anything involving fixing past and granting him amnesty.
  24. Idk

    This video is great.
  25. What if people were to "think" they were friends? How would you go about this?