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  1. Well my current id changed to id/visleaf because no one took it but you can add me there, I sent your a FR request on steam alpha.
  2. I can most likely help, mostly busy with my own community.
  3. Well, I learned Lua and learned everything about it. I'm still bf's with noize so I can easily bring her back but I highly doubt she'd want to get involved with a bunch of EG drama again. As for needing a dev, I can do a lot and so can Lonely considering we both do shit together. If you're curious in getting full main contact of me you can add me @
  4. It's going to come back some time.
  5. Someone needs to write a book about it, so I'll do it.
  6. Sup

    Eugecus is a great big family!
  7. Sup

    How's the fine peeps of Eugecus doing?
  8. 1. Power corruption. 2. When krav left things crumbled. 3. This was a community tight packed closely of acquaintances and friends. We all kinda just broke apart.
  9. No idea who you even are.
  10. Tbh Putin, almost everyone paid you in a fair manner lol.
  11. Mental breakdown on featuring your one and only Eragoon!
  12. I'll be on.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE ARROW OF TRUTH
  14. Goodbye aspie.
  15. You're calling him stupid and ignorant? Fuck off you buzzing fly.