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  1. Wut, I messaged you how many days ago to remind you, then after no response I had to ask Alpha
  2. I work for no one, I'm going rouge
  3. More baby proof for the server? I think it's better if people read the rules so that the next day, they can go to fifth grade English and say they learned new words.
  4. Fig, you must nat give up Show your DETERMINATION
  5. You're 16? Really?
  6. Lol no, and 100k makes it worse. support-
  7. Bye? Where's my money?
  8. Not sure if it's anyone else, but you set your profile to private.
  9. Garra of the sand ladies and gentlemen.
  10. How many things do you major in?
  11. If people -rep you just because of this topic, I'm going to cry. Jokes aside, congrats
  12. Let's be real, almost every base has an admin, pretend that it's like a stun gun that has a possibility of killing someone.
  13. You know you can damage them with a stun stick Support -, sorry, but I like the sit.
  14. Welcome to Eugecus, I expect nothing from you other than to moderate. Stay a while and make me change my impression of you.
  15. I'm thinking of doing this Edit: It won't do my picture,http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/36300000/Code-Lyoko-image-code-lyoko-36316624-604-477.jpg