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  1. God, I haven't played TTT in ages! That used to be my favorite gamemode when i first got Garry's Mod and I hadn't discovered DarkRP yet. I'll have to get on the server and check it out.
  2. Your name: zaqwerty12 Your ban length: 10080 minutes (a week) Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53105389 Banned by: Lonelywolf Server name: DarkRP Reason: Kicking Alpha. Alpha made himself a moderator and i was confused as to why he did this, so i teleported him to me so i could ask him. When i did, he tried to prop kill me twice. I had god mode on because i was an admin on duty at the time so i didnt get killed. I kicked Alpha for attempting to prop kill an admin x2. I then got banned for kicking alpha. Involved: Alpha, lonelywolf Why we should unban you: I was an admin on duty and i saw someone breaking the rules of the server. what was i supposed to do? turn my head the other way and pretend that someone didnt just try to prop kill me? I was just trying to follow the rules of the server Â
  3. thank you
  4. so much yes
  5. or maybe they should make it how the forums say, because i want to help the server when other admins arent on
  6. In the forums, it says that one of the things that moderators can do is ban. I was moderating and I saw a mass propkiller so i tried to band him. It restricted me. In the store, it says we can ban but in the game it wont let us.   UPDATE  I just found out that Moderators cant slap or whip either smh
  7.  Name of admin: Fig  Admin's Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:68074269  How did the admin abused: I had a base and I was kidnapping people. Fig kept bugging the way I built my base. First he said that the way I kept my prisoners was wrong. When I showed him it wasn't, he said my defenses were wrong. When I showed him that other admins have proved that it is right, he said I forgot to place a keypad. I checked and yes, I had forgotten to place a keypad. I said sorry and I placed the keypad. Then he kicked me without warning. Within 5 minutes of joining, he tried to kidnap me. I walked a couple steps away and told him that I thought that he was too far away for him to kidnap me, and I told him that. He shot me and killed me then kicked me for "failrp." When I joined back,mi was mad. I kept asking to talk to him about it. I kept talking to him with /ooc about the situation. He kept asking me to drop the subject but I didn't drop it, because I just wanted to fix the situation. He then banned me for 60 minutes. The reason was "continues on an issue that was asked to be dropped."  Evidence: I only took a picture of him banning me for 60 minutes, I didn't think about taking pictures of him doing the other things. My friend "Bluntler" was on, and he's a witness to most of it.  Were you banned during This: for 60 minutes. I don't need to be unbanned because it's only 60 minutes, but he shouldn't have banned me. )  People involved: Bluntler. I don't know his full name, but it has Bluntler in it and he is on the server often. Â
  8. Your name: zaqwerty12 Your ban length: 3 years Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53105389 Banned by: I don't know Server name: 24/7. It's the server in New York Reason: 12x prop kill, racism, and leaving when talking with an admin Involved: BooBear Why we should unban you: BooBear was there when it happened, and he can confirm that I didnt do anything that I was accused of I should be unbanned because I didnt do any of the things i was banned for. Maybe the admin tried to ban someone else but banned me instead. Â