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  1. My in game name is BooBear i am an admin on the server, i was banned by LonelyWolf for a week for the reason: Leaving a Sit, Noclip while in rp and Telling me to relax. First off thats not a 2 week ban for those reasons. What happend was i was in a sit and Alpha arrested me with his admin arrest stick and thats what he claimed to be leaving an admin sit. I did indeed did no clip while in rp but the only reason i did so was because i got stuck in the roof from the car chairs only staff can spawn. I dont know why he got so heated about this so i told him to relax and he took it as some kind of disrespect. When i was in rp jail he banned me.I was talking to a Friend in steam and he could not believe it either and hes a staff on the server aswell. My Steam id is STEAM_0:1:89550855,thanks.
  2. I was their and agree with him we were playing a game inside a building while rping and he gets banned when i turn my head for 1 minute i know for a fact he did not do those things and i have no clue who banned him because i searched the logs.