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  1. Here's mine. Processor: AMD Athlon X4 860k Black Edition Case: Some cheap one... Graphics Card: MSI GTX 950 OC Edition Motherboard: Asus A68HM-K Hard Drive: WD Cavier Blue 500GB Power Supply: Insignia 400 Watt Connectivity: Standard on board ethernet Other: Operating System, Windows 8.1 Peripherals: Insignia Mouse and Keyboard (OPTICAL), Turtle Beach Stealth 400 series for the PS4 and PS3 This thing to me is badass, besides the people who spend a lot of money for a balls to the wall experience. I had a cool CPU Cooler too, but I didn't have any thermal paste. ##I can't post a picture. I would need to go on my phone and do that...##
  2. Dude, Chicago pizza is the best!
  3. Your name: Steam: UNSENSOREDMeow90 [MNWO] Ingame: UNSENSOREDMeow90 Your ban length: 13 days Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:85103440 Banned by: Sho Server name: CF Reason: I was banned for accidentally banning FusioN. I know this sounds stupid, but what I really did was copied the SteamID of the disconnect thinking it was the RDMer/Aimbotter, and I found out the hard way that who I had just banned was FusioN. Involved: FusioN, Me (UNSENSOREDMeow90), and Sho Why we should unban you: I think that you should unban me because this was a complete and total accident, and if you have seen my other post on the topic you'd know. ALSO, I pledge to be more careful in the future. Proof: _________________You are banned_________________ Admin: Sho(STEAM_0:1:36511408) Reason: banning admin Time of ban: 11/01/16 22:27 Time left: 13 days 23:28:51 You banned steamid STEAM_0:1:32777375(FusioN) for 10080 minute(s) (Mass RDM + Aimbot) FusioN banned Happy Go Luckyy for 10080 minute(s) (mass rdm) I meant to add aimbot to Happy Go Luckyy's ban, but ended up banning FusioN accidentally.
  4. So today there was a person who Mass RDMed and aimbotted, so FusioN banned him. I meant to add Aimbot to the ban, but accidentally got the wrong SteamID and banned FusioN instead. I hope that FusioN can forgive me for this... I didn't mean to, seriously.
  5. Putin has come back from the dead..
  6. I have three words for this thread. Wtf is this?
  7. I side this guy. Badpanda was constantly noclipping off duty and kicked a person off duty too. He RDMs a lot, and I can't bring him to sits. It is annoying.
  8. He was banned for one day. Â Â His friend...
  9. I would give you another chance. But you did it twice. How was I supposed to know that you did it for that reason. I admit I didn't take you to the sit like I should've. But it got sort of serious. Sorry.
  10. Holy crap! XD
  11. Thanks Police XD Â That was actually the best I've seen in any of my introductions.
  12. Thanks for clarifying. Just making sure. :)
  13. I see a lot of abuse reports too. Well. Atleast on YouTube. Is this normal?
  14. Thanks. I am definitely feeling welcome! :)
  15. Hey I'm UNSENSOREDMeow90. I plan on playing Eugecus as my main server considering the fact that it has custom content.  I hope to see some of you around! - Robert  (P.S) Give me your cake... please?